Mikro Smart Car Diffuser Now 20% Off!


Arôme d'Art and Level 10 are pleased to debut a revolutionary fusion of fragrance and sound with the UPstage360—a statuesque audio system that immerses you in 360-degree scent and sound.

The award-winning Soundmatters Level 10 UPstage360 provides omnidirectional purist sound via Bluetooth input, aux-in input, or on-board nature tracks. Eight vertically-aligned acoustic drivers with

100 watts of power and a built-in 10-hour rechargeable battery facilitate an unparalleled sound experience.

These innovations are enhanced by the multi-patented, palm-sized Arôme d'Art Mikro diffuser system, which can be docked within and powered by the speaker to provide PureAir dispersion of carefully curated scents with perfume-grade essential oils. The fragrance system is controlled via Bluetooth app or a one-touch button.