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Arôme d’Art DiffuserFragrance Set

A $300 value

Set in the French Riviera amidst hills sprinkled with lavender and lush greenery is Grasse, France. Like the flowers that dance through these aromatic hills, indulge your senses in the lush lavender fields of the "Ville d'Art et d'Histoire," or "Town of Art and History." Each Kaséta contains 200 fragrance beads infused with essential oils, and will last approximately 50 hours. Kaséta attaches to Teau to deliver fragrance.

Included with this item: 2 Cartridges with fragrance beads in resealable bag, 1 Fragrance story, 1 Diffuser Base and 1 Fragrance Diffuser.

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Who are we?

Arôme d’Art introduces innovation in home fragrance. Our diffuser and kaséta delivery system delivers a unique, fragrance experience through visual arts, aroma, and storytelling. Travel the world with us to different regions around the globe — revisit the nostalgia of a place once traveled, or affair an exotic daydream and escape to total relaxation. Experience the beauty of Arôme d’Art products and transform any environment into your personal luxury.